Psychedelic Integration Workshop

Dive Deep into the World of Psychedelic Integration

Join Our Experiential Workshop and Empower Your Community

July 8-9, 2023
Saturday and Sunday
Hampton Inn: South County, St. Louis
9 - 5 PM

Peggy in the full moon

Are you ready for this journey?


Have you ever had a psychedelic experience that left you seeing the world in a whole new light? If so, how has this experience impacted your relationships, career, and family life? Has it altered your perspective in unexpected ways?

Maybe you're interested in supporting others in understanding a new way of being in the world. If so, developing your own skills and capacities through a psychedelic integration workshop just might be what you need to decide if you're ready to lead your own integration circle.


Why This Workshop?

Are you ready to step into a role that can truly make a difference in your community?


Are you ready to deepen your understanding and help others on their psychedelic integration journey?


This unique Psychedelic Integration Circle Workshop is your chance to transform your natural abilities and integration practice into practical skills. These skills can be used to create your own integration circle.

You can learn how to facilitate powerful integration circles. Additionally, you will learn how to foster a safe and supportive environment for integration.

Zoom Q&A with Peggy, Wednesday, June 14th at 7:30PM

Join Peggy on Zoom for a Q&A about the workshop, preparation, and to answer any questions you have.
WHEN: June 14th at 7:30PM to ask questions, get to know Peggy and what she will be offering.

Equip Yourself with the Skills and Knowledge to Guide Others Through the Process of Psychedelic Integration in a Group Setting

About the Workshop

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind, experiential Psychedelic Integration Workshop. This isn't your typical sit-and-listen training.

This two-day, hands-on, intensive program is designed to provide you with practical skills in group facilitation, leadership, and crisis management.

Personal Note: I've known Peggy for almost two years. I met Peggy in my first training in Real Dialogue about two years ago. Since that time I've learned that Peggy has acquired many skills in her trainings with Medicinal Mindfulness, Real Dialogue, and Parker Palmer's Courage and Renewal.

When the Psychedelic Society of St. Louis voted on the priorities of what this group wanted, an Integration Circle came in at #3!

I asked Peggy if she would be willing to create a one-of-a-kind workshop for our group. My hope is that this workshop will fill an immediate need in our community.*

--Mike Berger

*This workshop is not a substitute for obtaining certification in running integration circles.


This workshop is for those who are ready to step up, create, and run their own integration circle in their community. It's for those who believe in the power of local community and want to make a real difference:

  • Experiential Learning:

    This workshop is all about hands-on learning. You'll be actively involved in exercises and activities that will help you understand and apply the principles of psychedelic integration.

  • Community Building:

    This workshop is more than just a learning experience; it's about forging connections. You'll have the opportunity to meet individuals who share your interests and build a supportive network. Furthermore, you can choose to participate in monthly Zoom AMA's (Ask Me Anything) following the workshop. These sessions provide a platform to ask questions and learn about the progress others are making with their circles.

  • Expert Guidance:

    Peggy Dippen, an experienced professional in the field of psychedelic integration, will be your guide. She's here to share her knowledge, answer your questions, and support you on this transformative journey.

  • Empowerment:

    This workshop is designed to empower you to lead your own integration circle in your community. You'll leave with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a real difference.

By signing up for this workshop, you agree to practice Parker Palmer's Touchstones about Ways of Being in Community together.



Meet Your Trainer:

Peggy Dippen, a mindfulness-based psychedelic therapist (MBPT) and a cannabis-assisted psychedelic therapist (CAPT) credentialed through the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness, will guide you through a combination of theoretical teachings, group exercises, and interactive learning activities. Her mission is to foster love, gratitude, and compassion for self, community, and the world.

Book Your Spot Today!

Spaces are limited for this unique training opportunity. Reserve your spot today and take the first step on your transformative journey.

Psychedelic Integration


  • July 8-9, 2023

    Hampton Inn 4200  Midamerica Ln., St. Louis MO 63129

  • Saturday & Sunday: 9-5 PM (One hour lunch break)

If you plan to stay at the Hampton Inn, please send me an email and I'll try to get a discount for you.

Day 1: Foundations and Theoretical Frameworks (8 hours)

1. Introduction and Overview

  • Welcome participants and establish ground rules and expectations
  • Facilitate introductions
  • Discuss course objectives and agenda

2. Understanding Psychedelic Experiences

  • Discuss different types of psychedelics and their effects
  • Explore potential therapeutic uses and current research

3. The Importance of Integration

  • Define integration and discuss its role in therapeutic outcomes
  • Exercise: Participants experience integration techniques
  • Discuss common challenges in integration and strategies to address them

4. Lunch Break (1 hour)

5. Ethical and Legal Considerations

  • Quick overview of ethical issues and legal considerations
  • Discussion: Confidentiality and informed consent in integration work

6. Creating Safe Spaces

  • Discuss the importance of set and setting
  • Strategies for building trust and rapport
  • Facilitate open and respectful discussions
  • Exercise: Role-play creating a safe space

Day 2: Practical Skills and Techniques (8 hours)

1. Opening a Circle

  • Discuss and practice grounding exercises
  • Discuss the process of setting intentions for the group
  • Exercise: Role-play setting up an integration circle

2. Facilitating Sharing and Discussion

  • Teach and practice active listening skills
  • Discuss managing group dynamics and encouraging participation
  • Exercise: Role-play facilitating a discussion

3. Lunch Break (1 hour)

4. Integration Techniques

  • Discuss and practice techniques such as journaling, expressive therapies, and mindfulness practices
  • Discuss how to guide individual and group reflection
  • Exercise: Role-play guiding integration

5. Role-Play and Practice

  • Participants practice leading an integration circle
  • Discuss challenges and potential solutions

6. Closing an Integration Circle

  • Integration creation experience
  • Discuss how to review key insights and themes from the circle
  • Discuss and practice facilitating a closing ritual or exercise
  • Discuss scheduling follow-up meetings and providing resources

7. Conclusion and Evaluation

  • Review of the training and key takeaways
  • Participants evaluate the training
  • Closing Remarks

*It's important to remember that running a successful integration circle requires not only knowledge and skills, but also empathy, patience, and a deep respect for the power of psychedelic experiences.

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the workshop due to circumstances beyond our control, we will offer a full refund or the option to transfer your booking to a future workshop.

By paying in full for the workshop, you are reserving your guaranteed spot in the workshop. Since this workshop is limited to a small group, we cannot offer refunds if you need to cancel. However, you can offer your spot to someone else as long as they submit their survey prior to the workshop.

Peggy is offering a 3-month AMA (Ask Me Anything) for those who want continued support from peers and your instructor after the workshop.

The AMA will include:

  • Answering any questions or concerns that arise in your circle.
  • A space to share new understandings, insights, and challenges.
  • What shifts in your current reality have you experienced?
  • What areas do you feel you need to keep growing into?
  • Create a space that fosters open-minded listening, allowing us to glean insights from each other's perspectives.

This workshop is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of leading an integration circle. You'll learn how to create a safe and supportive space, handle various situations that may arise, and guide group members through their integration journey. By the end of the workshop, you'll have the skills and confidence to lead your own integration circle.

To get the most out of this workshop, it would be beneficial to have had some psychedelic experiences and integration practices. This workshop is designed for individuals who have personal psychedelic experiences and a basic understanding of integration. Additionally, having interpersonal skills will be advantageous as the workshop involves group exercises and discussions. However, the most important qualities to bring are an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a genuine desire to support others in their psychedelic integration journey.

That's a valid concern, and it's exactly why we've designed this workshop to be hands-on and interactive. You'll have the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques we teach, ask questions, and receive feedback. This experiential learning approach will help you gain confidence in your abilities.

While the workshop doesn't lead to formal certification, it will equip you with practical skills and knowledge that you can apply immediately in your own integration circle. We'll provide you with strategies, techniques, and tools, and show you how to use them effectively. You'll also have the opportunity to practice these skills during the workshop. Peggy will also offer a monthly 90-minute Zoom AMA for three months following the workshop for anyone who wants continued support. (The cost will be $60 for the three-month AMA. You will be able to join the AMA upon completion of the workshop).

The workshop will cover a range of topics, including the fundamentals of psychedelic integration, group facilitation techniques, and crisis management strategies. To prepare for the workshop, I recommend doing some basic research on psychedelic integration to familiarize yourself with the concept. But most importantly, come with an open mind and a readiness to learn and engage.

Join us for this transformative experience. Book your spot today and be part of a community fostering love, gratitude, and compassion for self, community, and the world.

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