Police demand psychedelic access at UN conference

Police Need Access to Psychedelic Therapy Urgently

Law enforcement officers are on the frontline of our communities, often facing situations that leave enduring marks on their mental health. Yet, the very people tasked with upholding the law may face the biggest barriers in accessing therapies that could alleviate their trauma. In this episode, we’re bringing a panel of experts together—including former police officers, drug policy reform advocates, a specialist in suicide prevention, and a veteran’s supervisor—to tackle a pressing issue: the need for psychedelic therapy among our police forces.

Speakers at the panel were:

Brendan Cox | Chair of board at LEAP, Retired police chief, USA
Fabien Bilheran | Member of LEAP, Retired detective, France
Neil Woods | Board member of LEAP, Former undercover detective, UK
Nick Glynn | Retired senior police officer in the UK, Open Society Foundations
Sarko Gergerian | National speaker at LEAP, Police lieutenant, Psychotherapist, Massachusetts, USA

Our panelists, such as Nick Glynn, advocate for a radical shift in the treatment of trauma within law enforcement to improve outcomes not just for officers but for the society they serve. We hear personal accounts from Sarko Gergerian and Neil Woods, who highlight the deep-seated challenges faced by officers today, including PTSD, moral injury, and the stigma surrounding mental health and drug use within police culture.

From Brendan Cox’s family struggles to Fabien Bilheran’s firsthand experiences in the Parisian war on drugs, we uncover the stark realities that underscore the urgency of this discussion. We’ll also explore federal and state-level initiatives, the role of indigenous knowledge in therapy, and how groups like the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) are advocating for change.

Our conversation will touch upon the power of love over hate, the potential for reimagined policing, and the profound effects of psychedelic therapy for those who have experienced the trauma of the front lines—from the streets of our cities to the battlefields of Ukraine.

It’s time to listen, learn, and act. So stay tuned as we unravel the complex tapestry of policing, psychedelics, and the path to healing and reform.

SOURCE: Drug Reporter by István Gábor Takács on March 24, 2024

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