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Oregon Decriminalized Drugs. What Happened Next?

In 2020, Oregon voters overwhelmingly approved Measure 110 and decriminalized possession of small amounts of drugs by reducing criminal possession offenses from misdemeanors to civil violations. Measure 110 also significantly increases funding for needed addiction services, including low-barrier and culturally competent substance use disorder treatment, harm reduction, and recovery support services.

Brian Pacheco, Managing Director, Communications & Marketing, for the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) visited Oregon to speak with people on the ground about Measure 110. This measure made Oregon the first state to decriminalize drugs and invest in health alternatives in 2020. It’s two years later. So, how is it going? 
Hear directly from the community: 

With your support, we made history in Oregon. The early positive outcomes are a reminder of why we’re fighting to decriminalize drugs in the rest of the country. 


Brian Pacheco
Managing Director, Communications & Marketing
Drug Policy Alliance

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