A small mushroom perched on a legislator's desk in the Missouri capitol

Missouri Representative Files Bill Legalizing Psilocybin Access

Last week, Missouri State Representative Tony Lovasco filed House Bill 869 to create legal access to psilocybin therapy in Missouri. A press release from Rep. Lovasco included statements of support from clinical researchers, veterans advocates, and law enforcement:

Rep. Lovasco’s proposal comes as Compass Pathways initiates a Stage 3 clinical trial with 233 patients. In May 2022, the US Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration indicated in a letter to Congress that they anticipated regulatory approval & rescheduling by the US Food & Drug Administration “within approximately 24 months”.

Coverage from Marijuana Moment also quoted freshman Missouri State Representative Aaron McMullen (R-Independence):

“I am all for giving veterans the best fighting chance to integrate back into society and become productive members—and I think that this is probably one of the most promising areas that we have,” Rep. Aaron McMullen (R), a military veteran himself who is cosponsoring the psilocybin bill, told Marijuana Moment on Tuesday.

McMullen said that the reason he feels this issue has generated bipartisan interest is that mental illness “touches everybody’s life,” and “we’re getting to the point now where we can reach across the social stigma that these alternative therapies have and take a more pragmatic approach.”

We urge the Missouri General Assembly to expeditiously consider this proposal and advance it to help stem the tide of mental health crises and suicide in our nation.

SOURCE: Psychedelic Missouri by Eapen Tampy

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