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How psychedelics are helping many to heal from anxiety, depression and PTSD

Discover the Transformative Power of Psychedelics from CBS Morning’s ‘Psychedelic Renaissance’ Series

As we explore the depths of mental health and seek innovative ways to overcome challenges like anxiety and depression, CBS Morning has embarked on an eye-opening journey into the world of psychedelic therapy. In the groundbreaking three-part series titled ‘Psychedelic Renaissance,’ viewers are invited to delve into the once-taboo topic of psychedelics and their emerging role in mainstream medicine and psychotherapy.

The series kicks off with an insightful episode featuring Lisa Ling as she guides us through the nuanced landscape of psychedelic substances, which are witnessing a surge of interest particularly in places like Colorado where psychedelic mushrooms have been legalized at the state level. In this riveting introduction, we meet people from different walks of life who, disillusioned by conventional pharmaceutical drugs, are turning to psychedelics in search of relief and healing from mental trauma. Ling joins a group embarking on a mental health retreat led by a certified psychedelic psychotherapist. Among the participants are two sisters, their mother, and their grandmother, each longing for reprieve from the crippling grip of anxiety and depression. The episode promises to shed light on the profound and often misunderstood experiences these substances can provide, challenging preconceived notions and inviting a re-examination of their potential therapeutic benefits. This CBS Morning segment exemplifies a thought-provoking exploration at the intersection of science, tradition, and mental wellness.

Could the renaissance of psychedelics mark a new era in our approach to healing? Watch and decide for yourself.

Lisa Ling chronicled her journey to the Sedona Conscious Living Retreat Center in Arizona, turning the spotlight on a breathwork technique known as activation breathwork. What makes this method extraordinary is its ability to induce a psychedelic state without the ingestion of any substances, potentially activating the body’s natural DMT reserves.

The episode illuminated the transformative experiences of participants, including Lisa Ling herself, marking a significant moment of recognition for psychedelic therapy within mainstream media realms. Specifically, the testimonies of families and veterans articulated the profound impact of these modalities on mental health challenges like anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

Ocean Eagle’s vision and the personal accounts of healing voiced by Nafshi Luhar and other participants, affirm the therapeutic promise of these practices. The conversation extends to the pressing need for alternative treatments among veterans, spotlighting the work of Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS) and the life-changing effects of Ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT treatments.

Mike Ortiz and Herb Daniel’s heart-opening encounters lend credibility to the therapy’s efficacy. Further, the narrative journeyed through Colorado’s evolving landscape where psychedelic mushrooms are legal, revealing the profound experiences of a family engaged in a mental health retreat. Overall, the episode stands as a testament to the ever-growing acceptance of psychedelic science, with Psychedelic STL celebrating the media’s role in recognizing and advocating for these healing modalities.

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