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Neuroplasticity & Psychedelics: Unlocking the Mind’s Potential: Eureka Hills Branch (Eureka)

Neuroplasticity & Psychedelics: Unlocking the Mind’s Potential

Date & Time: Thursday, April 11th, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: Eureka Hills Branch, Eureka, MO

Open to: Individuals passionate about the potential for psychedelics to unlock the mind’s potential

Admission: Free

About This Event:

Meeting Agenda:

5:30 – 6PM -> Meet & Greet

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Brief Meditation for Intention Setting


Guest Speaker: Charlotte Jones, Owner: Charlie’s Sprouts, LLC., Adjunct Professor, Saint Louis University

Charlotte Jones


  • The importance of caring for the whole body while undergoing Plant / Psychedelic Therapy

6:00 – 7PM -> Charlotte Jones: Charlotte is a master herbalist and an adjunct professor at SLU teaching in the extractions and product production departments in the cannabis science division for the past two years. Her department covers the legality of labeling. She has training for PTSD, CPI licence, stress and harm reduction, full integration, and have worked with plant medicine over the past 26 years. Specializing in adaptogenic and entheogenic plants and their ability to help heal the body.

Charlotte also has a background as a nutritionist, and currently owns two businesses here in St. Louis. One is 10 year old sprout farm Charlies Sprouts LLC and the second is a new White labeling herbal gummy manufacturing facility, Charlies Kitchen S-Corp.

7:00 – 8PM ->  Discussion of Neuroplasticity and the research of Gul Dolen.

  • Why understanding how psychedelics open critical windows has important implications for integration

We will dive into the remarkable potential of psychedelics to re-open critical periods in the brain.

According to Dr. Gul Dolen, psychedelics could act like a ‘master key’ to reopen ‘critical periods’ in our brains—times when we are especially receptive to learning new patterns of behavior. As we grow up, these windows typically close, making it harder for us to change established ways of thinking or overcome certain issues. However, with the help of substances like MDMA, these ‘windows’ or critical periods in the brain might be reopened, allowing us to learn and heal from our social environment like we did when we were younger. This is important because it means that psychedelic drugs could be used to help treat neuropsychiatric conditions by temporarily reverting the brain to a more flexible and adaptive state. Regarding how long these psychedelics keep the critical periods ‘open,’ it varies—ketamine might do so for 48 hours, MDMA and psilocybin for about two weeks, LSD for around three weeks, and ibogaine could keep the window open for up to a month. This is interesting because the longer these therapeutic windows are ‘open,’ the longer people might experience benefits from the treatment without needing repeat doses.

This isn’t just about healing; it’s about harnessing the unlocked potential of the human mind. The future of medicine is being rewritten, and we’re on the front lines. Stay curious, stay bold, and follow us for more insights into the revolution of consciousness and healing.

This meeting will delve into the science behind neuroplasticity, illustrating its profound implications for healing and personal growth through the use of psychedelics.

Please bring your personal experiences and stories to share!

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Apr 11 2024


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Eureka Hills Branch


Eureka Hills Branch
500 Workman Rd. Eureka, MO 63025-1080
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Mike Berger
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