Illustration of psychedelic future where the war on drugs continues. Two thugs stand in the foreground looking away from the viewer

The War on Drugs: A Look Back and the Path Forward with MAPS

In the mid-1980s, America was deeply entrenched in its War on Drugs. The media was saturated with sensationalized headlines about the dangers of drug use and trade. One such article, titled “The Losing War Against ‘Designer Drugs’,” was featured in the June 24th, 1985 issue of Business Week. The article discussed the cat-and-mouse game of […]
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Psychedelic female face

New study provides insights into the neurophysiological basis of psilocybin-induced alterations in consciousness

New research published in iScience provides unique insights into how psilocybin alters brain activity during psychedelic experiences. The findings suggest that while the overall activity of the brain becomes more chaotic during the psychedelic state, the brain’s ability to maintain complex interactions in response to external stimulation is not affected. Psilocybin is a naturally occurring […]
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MDMA and Amphetamine molecule diagrams

Positive Follow-Up Study on MDMA-Assisted Therapy for Treatment of PTSD

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 5, 2023—MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (“MAPS PBC”), a clinical-stage company dedicated to changing the way mental health conditions are treated, announced positive topline results from an observational follow-up study evaluating the long-term safety and efficacy of MDMA-assisted therapy for post–traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”). Preliminary findings show that participants in this study demonstrated a […]
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Matthew Johnson, Ph.D. of Johns Hopkins

The “heroic dose” of psychedelics, according to Johns Hopkins | Dr. Matthew Johnson

Matthew W. Johnson, Ph.D. is the Susan Hill Ward Professor in Psychedelics and Consciousness and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins. Psychedelic research is enjoying a renaissance. Recent studies have shown that psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin seem to be a safe and effective method for treating conditions like depression, anxiety, […]
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Illuminated neural pathways represent neuro plasticity from mystical psychedelic experiences

Mystical and Insightful Psychedelic Experience May Improve Mental Health

Summary: Recent studies have explored the use of psychedelics for the treatment of a range of mental health disorders. A new study reveals more insightful and mystical “trips” while exposed to psychedelics may be linked to an enduring reduction of symptoms for those with anxiety and depression. Source: Ohio State University A more mystical and […]
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Jordan Sloshower MD

Blinding in Clinical Trials Investigating Psychedelic Medicine Remains Difficult

Pharmacy Times interviewed Jordan Sloshower, MD, MSc, a clinical instructor of psychiatry at the Yale Department of Psychiatry, a member of Chacruna’s Council for the Protection of Sacred Plants, a clinical investigator in MAPS’ Expanded Access Program, a trainer with Usona Institute, co-director of West Rock Wellness, PLLC, and a member of the Board of […]
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